Hero of the Day

hero of busted plumbing pipe

Here the story about me written in the newspaper…lucky me!

A man who was a water damage restoration specialist was on vacation and staying at a resort in Malaysia named the Grand Lexis Resort He was also in town doing some contract work related to water damage repair. As he left his room one day to complete a small contract job, he passed a group of resort employees outside of a room with their pant legs rolled up and in a state of mild distress and confusion.

He stopped and asked them if he could help. They relayed their dilemma with a small flood due to a busted pipe that was ongoing in the room where they were standing. The man identified himself as a water damage restoration specialist, and told them he could help.

The men let him in the room and followed behind him pointing towards the bedroom The man immediately saw an area of water on the floor where an puddle of water was forming. On first inspection, the man looked for a permeating leak. So, he followed the water pool upwards to find its source. He saw immediately that there was a long strand of wetness flowing down from the corner at the top of the ceiling.

He asked one of the men if they had access to a water main or the water source so that the water could be temporarily shut off. One man sprinted away to find out if this could be done. In the meantime, the man made sure there were no electrical cords or electrical devices within the vicinity. He stepped onto the towel he laid on the bedspread so he could reach the top of the ceiling where the water flow seemed to be coming from.

He asked for a hammer or blunt tool. One employee went into the hallway and came back with a hammer. The man then wedged the forked end of the hammer into the drywall and carefully removed enough of it to view the water source. He was able to see that the source of the leak was a cracked pipe leading out from the room above.

He quickly explained this to the employees. The other man returned and said the water could not be turned off, but the man said it would not be necessary because the source was found and could easily be remedied if one of the employees would go upstairs to the room directly above them and remove the water from the bathtub without unplugging the drain.

This way, no more water would flow into the room, damage would remain at a minimum, and the cracked pipe could then be replaced and the bathtub upstairs could resume being used. The men did went ahead and followed his directions, and the man left to do his own contract work.

Best of Both Worlds

Malaysia-water specialist

I think that I am living the best of both worlds. Right now I am residing in Malaysia at the Grand Lexis temporarily. If you haven’t been there, I would highly recommend going there for at least two weeks to one month. If you can, the latter is how long I would stay. The food and scenery are just spectacular and not only that, you get more bang for your buck over here. The reason why I mentioned the best of both worlds is because I get contracts to work anywhere in the world as a water damage specialist. If you don’t know what that is, I specialize in areas like restoration, flooding and mold remediation.

In lamen terms, if you come up and your home is flooded or damaged by any water, I am the guy you would be calling. This is what I love to do as I have been doing damage repair work all my life. To sweeten the pot, I get to travel as well while having my expenses paid for expect for food. Don’t ask me how I got this sweet deal, I just know a few people here and there. Before writing this post, I actually I just done with fixing this ladies home here in Malaysia. Unfortunately she had some plumbing issues that she ignored and resulted in a minor flood in one of the rooms in her house. Other than that, I will be sharing both my passions in this new blog of mine.

So if you can’t wait till my next post, stay tuned and enjoy this nice video below, if your still unsure of what kind of work I actually do. The video below is a great example. Btw, its very informative and provides you some insight of what kind of things can happen to any homeowner.